Special tests for diagnosing patellofemoral pain

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Patellofemoral pain, James Selfe


Diagnosing patellofemoral pain could be challenging and rehabilitation time consuming process. Doctor of Physiotherapy James Selfe has done many years of research on patellofemoral pain. In this material Selfe explains the current research knowledge concerning patellofemoral pain. Selfe also goes through an assessment protocol that helps you differentiate between patellofemoral pain and other types of knee pain. In the unique and comprehensive rehabilitation phase approach Selfe presents the guidelines for patellofemoral pain rehabilitation. Rehabilitation exercises come along with different taping techniques which you can use at the beginning of rehabilitation process when you want your patient to be able to start pain free rehabilitation as soon as possible. To add more value to this patellofemoral pain material, you can send the rehab exercise videos to your patient. This helps your clients to perform the exercises correctly and keep them motivated during the long rehabilitation process.

  • James Selfe is one of the leading names in patellofemoral research.
  • Includes 72 videos.
  • Send videos to your clients
  • For doctors, physiotherapists and students
  • Comprehensive program for patellafemoral pain
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